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Posted by admin on April 9, 2014

MUS_sciatica.gifThe terms sciatica and lumbar radiculitis or often used interchangeably.  True sciatic neuropathy is not tremendously common, but more loosely is used today to describe a collection of symptoms that roughly correspond with the distribution of the sciatic nerve (ie pain traveling down the back of the leg).  Often this is related to nerve root irritation that is associated with disc displacement or stenosis.  This can generally be teased out with MRI imaging in combination with physical exam.  Radiculopathy implies true neurologic deficit as noted on physical exam or confirmed via EMG.  Radicular pain is typically not very responsive to opioid medications but often responds more effectively to agents that are more specifically for nerve related or neuropathic pain.  Epidural injection can also be considered, depending on the patient's individual circumstances.